Meet the CFC Team: Senior Project Manager Steve D’Aragon

CFC was Steve D’Aragon’s first post-college construction job, when he joined as an intern in 2002. Growing his career in one place has been a “no-brainer” for the easygoing but hard-working Steve. He’s now worked with the company for a total of 15 years, and absolutely sees himself as part of its future. Steve is hopeful that, not too far down the road, he could be working as a construction manager, running several CFC projects simultaneously. 

Steve appreciates the trust and autonomy he’s earned over the years. He says, “I feel very independent in my day-to-day. There’s not a lot of micromanaging going on.” He also appreciates that he feels connected to and confident in the company’s leadership, explaining that “One of the big things that CFC has going for it is that it feels like a small company. Upper management is approachable, and I know them well enough to be able to come to them if I need help with anything. I have a lot of faith in the leadership team we have.”

Without further ado, meet Steve.

Steve D’Aragon, Senior Project Manager

Total years of work experience: 17 years

Hometown: Riverside, California. I went to high school here in Cherry Creek, though, so I say I’m from Colorado sometimes. I hope that’s not cheating. 

Favorite thing about working for CFC: The team environment. 

Before CFC I was… In college. I first came to CFC for an internship and started full-time in 2003. 

Favorite movies and TV shows: For TV shows, anything binge-worthy. For movies, probably the Lord of the Rings movies.

Favorite vacation destinations: Anyplace tropical. 

My personal motto: “Endeavor to persevere.” It’s kind of a mantra for me. 

In my spare time, I like to… Camp with my family.

Something people don’t know about me is that… I was in a marching band in high school. And I ran a sprint triathlon this year. 

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