Meet The CFC Team: Project Development VP Tamara Bujakowski

Meet The CFC Team: Project Development VP Tamara Bujakowski

Meet The CFC Team: Project Development VP Tamara Bujakowski

Strong and authentic client relationships have always been central to CFC’s service approach, because every successful project begins with a foundation of trust, respect, and a clear understanding of each client’s needs and goals. This core belief is one reason CFC Project Development VP Tamara Bujakowski was an immediate fit on CFC’s leadership team. 

“I really love finding out what makes our clients tick, and addressing those needs directly,” explains Tamara. “Some people have a lot of superficial business relationships. But I really know my clients, and our relationships go deep. I’ve had some clients for 15+ years.” 

Tamara joined CFC in February 2023, which means she recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the company. But she is already well-known for the positivity, enthusiasm, and drive she brings to every aspect of her work. Tamara says, “I genuinely love what I do. It’s what gets me out of bed each morning, and that shows. I’m probably one of the most enthusiastic people in the company. I’m always laughing and putting a positive spin on things.”

Importantly, however, that “positive spin” is supported by a down-to-earth track record. With more than 20 years of experience in construction, Tamara is a proven leader and adept team-builder committed to ensuring the success of those around her. According to CFC President Sean Smith, “My first initiative as President was to build out a team of leaders who would inspire our associates with a vision of where we are headed. Tamara was an easy choice to aid in setting that vision, and I knew she would naturally forge the relationships necessary for us to be successful. She is a natural go-getter who leads by example, and I’m thrilled to have her on our team.”

Tamara – who herself has a background in design – quickly realized that for her, the construction side of the industry resonated much more deeply. After moving from her home state of North Carolina to Colorado in 1999, she honed in on how much she enjoys the relationship-building aspects of construction, ultimately leading to her focus on business development. In the years since, Tamara has gained experience serving national and international clients across a variety of product types, including multifamily, commercial, hospitality, health care, and senior housing. 

Nowadays, Tamara is particularly excited to support CFC’s return to its mountain roots. Homes, hotels, ski resorts, retail, and workforce housing projects in Summit County were among CFC’s earliest building projects. In recent years, however, projects in the Denver Metro and elsewhere in Colorado had taken center stage. But CFC is now making a deliberate return to serving Colorado’s mountain communities. Says Tamara, “We’re particularly focused on building workforce housing in these communities. We need our front-line and service industry workers, and they need somewhere they can afford to live. It’s a critical need for Colorado.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Tamara has decided to call CFC home. We’ve also gotten quite fond of seeing Tamara’s dogs – Myrtle the basset hound, and Wilma the English bulldog – around CFC’s offices in Golden. While Myrtle and Wilma’s feelings about their future at CFC are unclear, Tamara knows exactly why she’s happy to be here. “It’s a really exciting time to be at CFC. We’re not the same company we were even a year ago. We’re building a company that will be unique. Our people are really invested in happiness.” What’s not to love about that? 

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