CFC Special Projects Welcomes Senior Estimator Curt Donohue

CFC Special Projects Welcomes Senior Estimator Curt Donohue

CFC Special Projects Welcomes Senior Estimator Curt Donohue

CFC is delighted to announce that Curt Donohue has joined our Special Projects group as a Senior Estimator. CFC is committed to hiring the best of the best, and Curt has built an exceptionally strong reputation in Colorado. Says CFC Special Projects Manager Autymn Rubal, “Curt has nearly three decades of experience in construction. CFC’s Special Projects group is thrilled to have someone of such incredible experience, background, and caliber joining our team.” 

Curt’s field experience started earlier than most. By age 7, he was already running heavy equipment at his family’s North Dakota farm. From age 16, he worked as a carpenter’s helper, and as a high school senior and college freshman, he worked in road construction. Curt began architecture studies in college, but quickly realized it wasn’t a fit. Though he continued his schooling in construction management for several years, he also returned to fieldwork, spending the next decade expanding his carpentry skills, learning ironwork, and spreading his wings as a PM and Estimator. 

Curt moved to Colorado in 1998, spending four years as a PM and Estimator for a Denver-based general contractor and three years exploring renewable energy, including solar, geothermal exchange, and HVAC system analysis, design, and installation. Ultimately, however, he returned to construction in 2004, working in homebuilding and hotel construction on the Western Slope as a GM, PM, and Superintendent. Curt returned to Denver in 2011 to work in Commercial Construction as an Estimator and PM. He joined CFC in October 2020.

According to CFC President Orville Hinerman, “We liked Curt for his experience estimating Special Projects work similar to the work we do as a company, such as commercial office, healthcare, higher education, industrial, hospitality, restaurant, retail, and healthy buildings. He is also experienced with the Beck Technology Destini estimating software we are implementing at CFC. Curt and CFC both felt there was a good cultural fit.”

Curt says that the CFC opportunity was simply “too cool to pass up.” He’s excited to help Autymn and the rest of the Special Projects team continue to expand the group’s capabilities and portfolio under the umbrella of — in his words — “such a well-established, well-structured organization.” As Curt sees it, the opportunity is massive, the risk is low, and he’ll be privileged to play a key role in creating and shaping the group’s future.

Curt’s wide-ranging field experience has made him an ideal fit for CFC’s Special Projects group, which sets itself apart in its ability to provide realistic, transparent estimates that help clients make the right decisions about their projects. Explains Curt, “People talk about having ‘common sense.’ But common sense is learned, and field experience is what helps you learn it. What’s the rhythm of the work? What have you learned from a practical perspective? What kind of expectations should you have around your performance or others? That’s what builds the ‘common sense’ you need to be a better Estimator and PM.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Curt has decided to call CFC home, as his exceptional “common sense” will help us serve our clients even better. Without further ado, here’s a little more about Curt. 

Curt Donohue, Special Projects Senior Estimator

Total years of work experience: 34 years

Hometown: Tolna, North Dakota

Favorite thing about working for CFC: The trust and autonomy. Even though I’m new at CFC, it’s very clear that they trust me. They’re treating me like the professional I am, giving me the autonomy I deserve and not micromanaging.

Before CFC I was… A Senior Construction Estimator at another Denver-based general contractor

Favorite movies or TV shows: The Last of the Mohicans, Braveheart, The Hunt for Red October, Star Trek Into Darkness, Game of Thrones

Favorite vacation destinations: There’s this fantastic little place called Avalanche Ranch I probably shouldn’t even mention, so that I can keep it to myself. It’s a smaller hot springs, but really beautiful, with cabin rentals of varying sizes and finishes. It’s a really nice “quiet” type of vacation. But you can mention it. I’d be happy if I got them some business.

My personal motto: I don’t have one. If I did, I’d probably find it pretty hard to live up to!

In my spare time, I like to… Be hygge. It’s a Danish concept. Be sitting wrapped up and warm with a cup of hot chocolate or another hot beverage. Basically hygge is wonderful, relaxing personal time. 

Something people don’t know about me is that… In my spare time, I created the Denver Media Professionals group starting in 2014. I helped to build it from an idea to what it is now: 1,000 people focused on education and networking for people interested in video production and filmmaking. I also taught myself to podcast, doing about 25 podcasts that you can find on

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