Building Our Future: CFC Announces Recent Leadership Changes & Promotions

Building Our Future: CFC Announces Recent Leadership Changes & Promotions

Here at CFC, we are huge believers in promoting from within whenever possible. We focus on hiring smart, motivated, dedicated, hard-working, honest, collaborative people. Then we focus on helping them develop their skills, providing coaching and learning opportunities to help them grow. It’s a proven formula that has served us well over the past four decades, helping us to create a strong company culture and a truly exceptional team.

We also never lose sight of the fact that we are always building CFC’s future. That means identifying, nurturing, and mentoring the leaders that will helm our business for the next four decades. After all, by ensuring that CFC is built to last, we give our clients valuable confidence that they can count on us to serve them for the long term. 

CFC is executing a long-term strategic plan that ensures leadership continuity. We also continue to regularly identify the people who are rising in our organization, becoming leaders even before they have titles reflecting it. We are excited to share some of our recent leadership changes and promotions, recognizing some of the amazing leaders who are daily making a difference for CFC’s clients and employees. These exciting changes were also announced in the “People on the Move” section of the Denver Business Journal.



After spending nearly 40 years running the day-to-day operations at CFC Construction, EJ Olbright (bio) has moved to the position of Chairman & Founder. As the Board Chairman, EJ will focus his energy on overall strategic guidance and planning, while also mentoring the next generation of leaders at CFC. Under EJ’s leadership, CFC has created a true people-first culture based on camaraderie, collaboration, and a field-first focus that is committed to bringing everyone home safe, every day. By embracing opportunity and building strong, trusted relationships every step of the way, he has constructed a loyal, hard-working team that is more like a family than a company. EJ remains focused on ensuring that CFC is built to last, with an unshakeable foundation, leadership continuity, and the right values and priorities to keep the team on a steady course. EJ continues to stay engaged in business strategy for CFC, ensuring continuity for both clients and employees.

Orville Hinerman


Orville Hinerman (bio) has been promoted to the dual role of President & CEO at CFC Construction. Since joining CFC in 2015 as a Construction Executive, Orville has helped build out a management team for CFC that is focused on what matters most: delivering for their clients. Orville’s 35+ years of experience also help to ensure proper oversight as CFC transitions to employee ownership over the next five years. In his role, Orville is also responsible for all aspects of CFC’s day-to-day operation. Says Orville, “I’ve enjoyed many years as part of Colorado’s construction industry. I consider it a great honor to be leading the transformation of the management team that will take an employee-owned CFC into a successful and sustainable future.”

Sean Smith


Sean Smith (bio) has been promoted to the position of Vice President at CFC Construction. Since joining CFC in 2018 as the Business Development Manager, Sean has streamlined internal processes for new business pursuits, while expanding the breadth and quality of new opportunities for the company. In his new role, Sean will also oversee the Preconstruction Department, Special Projects Group, and Mountain Division. 

John Hammer


John Hammer (bio) has been promoted to Director of Preconstruction for CFC Construction. John will provide leadership and oversight of the Preconstruction Department, while also leading the procurement of new work for CFC. John brings an extensive operations background to the Preconstruction Department, ensuring a full awareness of the scope of construction services is accounted for when a project is first conceptualized.  


Kevin Welch (bio) has been promoted to the role of Construction Manager for CFC Construction. Since joining CFC in 2019 as a Project Director, Kevin’s duties have expanded to provide oversight of several project teams. His 30+ years in the industry and diverse portfolio of projects gives Kevin a full understanding of all the variables a project may face, from its early conception to final turn-over. As Construction Manager, Kevin is engaged for the full life-cycle of his projects with CFC.  

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