Meet the CFC Team: Construction Manager Duke LaFore

Humble, hard-working Duke LaFore is one of CFC’s construction managers. Since he joined our team in 2013, he’s shown tremendous initiative, insight, and leadership — which is how he’s managed to rise from project manager to senior project manager to construction manager in less than four years’ time. Duke takes his work seriously, excels at communication, and brings an unrelenting focus on quality and safety. He’s a great example of the CFC field leaders who are out there making a difference for our clients and teams every single day. 

Though he’s worked for a few general contractors over the years, Duke has found a genuine home at CFC. In particular, he appreciates that our team is committed to ongoing process improvement. As Duke explains, “This process and industry has an evolution to it, and we can improve it daily. Our processes are always being added to or subtracted from.” In addition, he appreciates CFC’s organization-wide commitment to open communication, saying, “I don’t see closed doors. Teams and individuals are encouraged to share their problems so they can be resolved in a collaborative effort.” This helps Duke ensure he’s always moving forward with the best solutions possible.

Without further ado, meet Duke.

Duke LaFore, Construction Manager

Total years of work experience: 30+ 

Hometown: Denver

Favorite thing about working for CFC: The opportunity for growth.

Before CFC I was… Working with other firms that were either too stringent or too loose. CFC is pretty unique in the sense that we have enough flexibility and enough structure to be comfortable. Having the perfect balance here is what makes it comfortable for me. 

Favorite movie and TV show: Monty Python’s Holy Grail and The Office.

Favorite vacation destination: Anywhere in the Colorado mountains.

My personal motto: The one motto that carries through at work is a question — “Is it good or is it right?” I used to think they were synonymous. Come to find out, as I look deeper: We can install things that are good, but are they right? That also drives me to do the right thing. 

In my spare time, I like to… Hang out with my two daughters. Go mountain biking. Hike fourteeners. Go trail running. That’s what gets me up in the mountains.

Something people don’t know about me is that… I don’t have a college degree, and I started in the industry as a laborer. But I’ve been lucky at each one of the companies I’ve been with, and willing to take on more work. And I somehow ended up where I am. But now I’m the dad who’s like, “Go to school. You’ve got to go to school!”

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