Internships at CFC: An Opportunity to Make an Impact

Internships at CFC: An Opportunity to Make an Impact

At CFC Construction, our interns are integral members of our team. We expect that they will speak up, take initiative, and come to the table with ideas, and that they’ll work collaboratively with us to find the right solutions. When we look for interns, we seek individuals we’re confident will meet these expectations.

Dan Topham, a student at the Colorado School of Mines, fits this description to a T. It was a genuine pleasure having him on our job sites over the past seven months, serving as a project intern first on the Chroma Apartments at Highlands Ranch and then at Denargo Market III. From day one, Dan was intent on learning as much as he could from his field experience, leaders, and coaches at all levels. Dan quickly realized that, even as an intern, his work had an impact. He took it seriously, and was willing to embrace any challenge presented to him. 

We were honored that Dan posted on social media about his experiences as a CFC intern. Read on to learn what he had to say. And we agree wholeheartedly: Dan absolutely has the tools he needs to succeed, whatever career path he chooses. 

I recently ended my time with CFC Construction and I'd like to take some time to reflect on the past 7-month experience. I'd like to thank Edgar Crockett for welcoming me to the team at Chroma Apartments project in Highlands Ranch. Edgar and many others helped coach me into my role as a project intern and their instructions were essential to my success in this new position.

Despite the pandemic chaos that occurred shortly after my start, CFC was able to keep me on, and transferred me to the Denargo Market lll project in Denver (pictured below) for the summer months. It was here that I spent my time learning under the leadership of Tom Davidson, Jacob Wolff, and Troy Ballard. These experienced individuals built upon my knowledge from Chroma and challenged me with tasks throughout the summer. I appreciated how open-ended the work was. It was my job to see potential construction problems and to find solutions: how we got to the solution was entirely up to me.

As I look to this fall, my major takeaway from my CFC experience is the value of initiative and diligence in an employee. The leadership and negotiation skills that I learned at CFC will also be essential in any career path I choose.  Thank you again CFC for an incredible experience!

We’re proud of CFC’s workplace culture. Learn more about what it’s like to work at CFC and what we’re looking for in new team members. To apply, please visit our Careers page

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