CFC Volunteers Help to Beautify Local Park for Arbor Day

CFC Volunteers Help to Beautify Local Park for Arbor Day

CFC team members joined with other local volunteers in the effort. L to R: Non-CFC volunteer, Cindy Donahue, Curt Donahue, non-CFC volunteer, Michael Alboini, Pat Smith, Pat’s daughter, Tyler Laib, Pat’s son, Jesus Navarro, Jesus’ son and daughter.

In honor of Arbor Day, a group of CFC employees and their family members recently joined nearly 100 other volunteers at Willow Basin Park in Denver’s Central Park neighborhood for a tree-planting event organized by Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR). DPR Volunteer Office Program Coordinator Tina Myers reported that, in total, 109 volunteers planted 144 trees at Willow Basin Park. 

On a perfectly warm, sunny, and clear day in May, Tyler Laib, Michael Alboini, Jesus Navarro and his two kids, Pat Smith and his two kids, and Curt Donahue and his wife Cindy worked alongside other local volunteers to plant approximately 10 total trees. “DPR does a really good job organizing and providing support, and helping everyone out,” explains Tyler. “Everyone had a blast.” 

While DPR had already completed the work of digging the holes and placing the ornamental and deciduous trees to be planted next to each hole, each volunteer team followed a consistent process to plant the trees. They’d carefully cut off the wire basket and burlap, gently break up the root ball and roll in the tree, and then level, backfill, and cover with mulch. Then, after DPR team members came through to set stakes, the volunteer team wired both sides with straps that will support the tree as it becomes established. 

The CFC volunteers and their families all agreed that the experience was very cool. While Pat’s son took on the responsibility of choosing which trees to plant, his daughter adopted the role of the team’s designated compactor, enthusiastically jumping into each hole to stomp the dirt around the base of each tree. When the work was done, the CFC crew enjoyed a big barbecue lunch in nearby Northfield. 

CFC last participated in one of DPR’s tree-planting activities pre-pandemic, at a 2019 event in Cheesman Park. According to Tyler, who also participated that year, the 2019 volunteers have tracked the trees they planted over the years, wanting to make sure they were all still doing well. Says Tyler, “It creates a bond. And it’s a very cool thing to be able to go sit under a tree you planted.” 

Tyler often helps to organize volunteer activities for CFC’s employees. He understands that different people have different goals and comfort levels for community outreach activities, with some preferring to contribute money or gifts, some seeking unique experiences like the Arbor Day event, and some wanting to find opportunities to use their construction skills. He says, “Events like this play to who we are and what we do. We truly believe in helping to build beautiful, lasting things in our communities, and in having a positive impact.” 

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