CFC Special Projects: Always Putting Clients’ Needs First

CFC Special Projects: Always Putting Clients’ Needs First

Your building’s interior is just as important as its exterior. Here at CFC, we’ve always known that. Now, in response to requests from many of CFC’s clients, we’re ready to handle those commercial interiors and tenant improvement projects ourselves. CFC’s incredible Special Projects team has the knowledge, experience, and approach to make your next interior project a resounding success. 

A new 2,000 SF project — working with Dr. Kevin Lutz to develop a new home for his concierge medical practice in Denver, Colorado — typifies our approach. We began by understanding the needs, goals, priorities, and culture of Dr. Lutz and his practice. Our team leveraged their decades of special projects experience to develop realistic, transparent estimates that helped Dr. Lutz make the right decisions for his project. We are now working with Powers Brown Architecture to deliver an exciting new space befitting Dr. Lutz’s progressive model, which truly puts the needs of patients first. We understand Dr. Lutz’s approach in part because it’s how we ourselves work with our clients: By consistently putting their needs first. 

“It’s always a joy to work with clients like Dr. Lutz and the team at Powers Brown Architecture,” says CFC Project Manager Wyatt Breum. “Smaller projects like these are so much more personal and meaningful, and bring a lot of purpose to my job.”

Want to learn more about how we provide differentiated value to our clients? Our client-service approach is underpinned by CFC’s core values and guiding principles.

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