Shawn Burke

Safety Director

Shawn Burke’s 20+ years of construction industry experience includes more than 17 years focused specifically on safety. He has always viewed safety as a value, rather than as a set of rules to be followed. Shawn is a natural teacher, instructing rather than reprimanding and consistently leading by example. With his extensive experience conducting safety training programs, safety onboarding, and site safety orientations; generating site-specific safety manuals; reviewing subcontractor safety programs; and performing project safety audits, Shawn helps daily to ensure the continuation of CFC’s robust safety culture. He joined CFC in 2018.

Professional and Educational Background

Shawn’s construction career began with several years spent gaining hands-on, onsite experience. He started as a Field Engineer with a general contractor, moving on a few years later to a role as a Project Engineer for a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services subcontractor. Since Shawn had always maintained a strong focus on workplace safety, it was a natural progression for him to become a safety consultant and leader. Prior to joining CFC, Shawn spent 15 years in safety leadership and consulting roles for a range of leading national and regional general contractors, as well as for an industrial services and environmental solutions provider. During this time, Shawn worked with CFC as a JV partner; he remembered the experience favorably when, years later, he had the opportunity to join CFC.

Shawn earned his BS in Construction Management from Colorado State University and is proficient in construction Spanish. In addition to holding the OSHA 500 certification, he continually receives updates at the OSHA Outreach Training Institute (OTI) at Red Rocks Community College. Quarterly, Shawn conducts OSHA 30 hour courses for both CFC employees and its trade partners. He is certified as a Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Shawn also attends safety management courses annually through the American Society of Safety Professionals, of which he is a member. He also serves as a member of the AGC Safety Task Force.

What Shawn Values Most About Working at CFC

Since Shawn reports directly to CFC’s President, there are none of the bureaucratic layers or conflicting mandates common at other construction companies. Instead, there’s a pure, clear-cut line of communication that avoids grey area and reliably keeps safety in focus and top-priority.

Beyond Building

A Colorado native born in Grand Junction, Shawn appreciates Colorado for its people, mountains, and weather. These days, with a young son and two pets at home, he and his wife Jennifer often have their hands full. When he does find free time, you’ll find Shawn mountain biking, running, snowboarding, or working on construction projects.

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