gordon streich

Vice President of Risk Management | gordon.streich@cfcc.com |  303-577-2431

As Director of Risk Management, Gordon is responsible for all aspects of risk mitigation for CFC. His 35 years of experience in the contracting world give him the experience needed to identify and mitigate risk. His primary responsibility is to develop and negotiate the language found in every contract CFC signs. 

Gordon is responsible for producing and negotiating all prime contracts, beginning with the preconstruction agreement followed by the drafting of the initial contract language and exhibits through to negotiating the final contract document.  Besides direct negotiations with the project owner, Gordon is frequently brought into discussions with lenders and insurance carriers providing coverage on projects.

Production of subcontracts is the responsibility of the project team; however, Gordon is utilized as needed when subcontractors make changes to CFC’s standard subcontract document.  Gordon works with the project manager and subcontractor to modify contract language satisfactory to all parties.

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