FOX31 DENVER (KDVR) – Contractors face new normal as essential workers during pandemic

Workers went on a temporary stand-down status Thursday morning at the future home of a multi-family senior living complex near South Quebec Street and East Alameda Avenue. 

Construction workers across the country also took part.

“We’re coordinating this with contractors in New York, San Francisco … all across the country,” said Sean Smith, business development manager at CFC Construction.

Smith says a stand-down is when all work stops on a project so crews can talk about safety. The focus for workers on Thursday was on combatting COVID-19. 

Crews were broken into stand-down groups of fewer than 10 workers.

Throughout work sites, staff is limited. Administrators are working from home while employees on location practice physical distancing as much as the job allows.

Personal protective equipment is required. 

Every CFC employee has to go through COVID-19 safety training, according to Smith.

“No workers can enter the job site until they’ve gone through a wellness questionnaire,” Smith said.

The questionnaire is the employee’s promise to their coworkers that they feel well and haven’t been knowingly exposed to the virus.

CFC has a dedicated a COVID-19 safety officer on all job sites to regularly clean areas. It’s all part of new normal for contractors — essential workers on the job trying to stay safe and healthy.

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