CFC Achieves Blue-Level Award in The AGC-OSHA CHASE Partnership for Four Years Running

CFC Achieves Blue-Level Award in The AGC-OSHA CHASE Partnership for Four Years Running

CFC Achieves Blue-Level Award in The AGC-OSHA CHASE Partnership for Four Years Running
Area Director of OSHA (Englewood Office) Chad Vivian (far left) presented (from left to right) Safety Director Shawn Burke, VP Sean Smith, and President Pat Smith with CFC’s 2022 plaque.

As you walk into CFC’s corporate offices, the first thing you’ll see is a sculpture of a construction worker in safety gear. His resolute expression, along with his harness, hard hat, boots, gloves, goggles, and other apparel, show that he’s serious about construction safety. The sculpture is called “Coming Home,” because that’s the commitment we make to our people everyday. Nothing matters more than making sure that the men and women working onsite come home safe at the end of each workday. 

CFC doesn’t just talk about worksite safety. Through ongoing training, a comprehensive health and safety program, and adopting safety as a guiding principle, we put in the work to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to reduce the risk of injuries, illnesses, or fatalities on all of CFC’s job sites. One way we do this is through our continued participation in the CHASE Partnership between the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). CHASE is an acronym for “Construction Health and Safety Excellence.”

On May 25, 2022, CFC Construction was honored by AGC of Colorado with a plaque for achieving the BLUE-level award, the highest level possible. This is the fourth year in a row CFC has earned BLUE-level status. The award is a testament to the constant hard work put in by all of our employees. It illustrates the dedication and commitment to safety that we continue to make our highest priority. 

Says CFC President Pat Smith, “Safety is not just a buzzword at CFC. It’s the #1 driver of our culture.  We believe every accident is preventable with the proper foresight, planning, and training. Nothing is assumed or taken for granted, which means each and every aspect of everything we do is considered and reconsidered until we are sure that it will be done safely. We’re always striving for zero accidents on all CFC projects. Everybody goes home safely at the end of each day. Anything less than that is simply unacceptable.”

The CHASE Partnership between AGC and OSHA was first initiated in 1998 to “recognize the importance of providing a safe and healthful work environment in the construction industry.” The AGC of Colorado Building Chapter joined efforts in 2003. Program eligibility must be renewed annually, and BLUE-level participation is only open to companies that demonstrate outstanding achievements in the area of worksite safety. The level also requires that the AGC Chapter’s Safety Director conduct a comprehensive qualifying inspection on at least one active job site. 

CFC receives special recognition from OSHA designating us as a member of the partnership, including recognizing us on the AGC Chapter website and newsletter. We also have the privilege of displaying a CHASE banner on our projects. In addition, as a BLUE-level member, CFC will: 

  • Be exempt from programmed OSHA inspections.
  • Not be issued OSHA citations for other-than-serious violations if they’re abated at the time of inspection. 
  • Receive (if cited by OSHA) the maximum good faith for penalty reductions currently available under existing OSHA policy. 
  • Pass the same benefits onto subcontractors working on CFC project sites.

CFC knows that safety is far more than a set of rules. Safety is a moment-by-moment choice and commitment made daily by every worker on every CFC job site. Learn more. 

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