Robert Wiese

Executive Vice President
Robert Wiese

Robert Wiese’s 35+ years of financial management experience includes more than 18 years dedicated to construction. He has a robust understanding of what it takes to be successful from the perspective of both general contractors and subcontractors, and of the issues and obstacles each must navigate. In addition, 15 years spent in the banking world have given Robert a strong grasp on project finance, including what bankers and sureties are looking for and why.

As CFO, Robert is focused on far more than numbers, building enduring, collaborative relationships with bankers, regulators, and colleagues. He’s a direct, candid communicator who hates bureaucracy, makes time for everyone, and doesn’t hesitate to offer his honest opinion when asked. Importantly, he’s also a believer in making work as enjoyable as possible.

Professional and Educational Background

After earning a BS in Business Administration from Illinois State University and accepting a job in an accounting department, Robert went back to school to earn his CPA from the University of Illinois. He spent the first decade of his career at a regional bank in central Illinois, starting as a Controller and ending as VP of Operations. This experience gave Robert a strong grasp not only on accounting and cash management, but on managing regulatory relationships, employees, and company politics. Still, when a past acquaintance approached Robert with the opportunity to work as a Controller for a Colorado-based general contractor, he jumped at the chance, relocating from Illinois in 1986.

In the years since, Robert also held Controller positions with a leasing company, a sportswear manufacturer, and a decent-sized concrete subcontracting company. That was where EJ found him, via a referral from a highly trusted surety who’d recommended Robert for the role of CFC’s CFO. Since joining CFC in 2012, Robert has enjoyed playing a part in helping CFC to grow sustainably, stay profitable, achieve finance and accounting efficiencies, and support the ongoing professional development of CFC’s people.

What Robert Values Most About Working at CFC

Robert has tremendous appreciation for all of the sharp, supportive, focused, and hard-working people who make up the CFC team. He’s grateful to be surrounded by colleagues who are universally committed to making each other successful. “There’s a real cooperation among the staff to get things done and do them right,” he explains. “And none of us wants to let each other down.”

Beyond Building

A native of central Illinois, Robert moved to Colorado in 1986 and never looked back. He and his wife are active fans and supporters of the local arts scene, naming the Denver Art Museum and Denver Center for the Performing Arts as favorites. With two grown kids, a couple of grandkids, and family and friends spread out across the country, most vacations are spent traveling to see family and friends. Even with retirement in view, Robert continues to take professional development classes and seminars.

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