Gena Hannaway

Vice President of Risk Management
Gena Hannaway

Gena Hannaway’s 35+ years of construction industry experience have given her a robust understanding of construction risk management and a broad view on many different types of construction projects. Her diverse experience helps her react quickly to changing circumstances, ensuring that CFC’s construction teams remain nimble and flexible while their projects remain in good standing.

Accessible, easy to get along with, and hands-on, Gena has always loved her work. She admits to being a bit of a perfectionist, holding herself and others to a high standard. But her colleagues appreciate the balance she manages in her roles, making sure the rules are still being followed while staying flexible where it makes sense for the company, clients’, or individual projects’ best interests. Whatever course Gena recommends, they know they can count on her to do it openly, honestly, and with integrity.

Professional and Educational Background

After graduating high school, Gena spent a couple of bored-to-tears weeks working for a prominent stock brokerage firm. She knew it wasn’t a fit. What she didn’t know was that, when she answered an ad for a receptionist position at a multinational industrial and civil general contracting firm, she was also choosing a lifelong vocation. Gena would proceed to work with the company for more than 30 years, leaving only briefly (for a two-year stint as a Controller for a concrete contractor) before boomeranging back.

The first 15 years of Gena’s construction career included roles in administration, payroll, and accounting management. While still employed full-time, she earned her BS in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. In 2001, Gena was promoted to Manager of Finance & Administration, a position she held for nearly 20 years. In this role, she focused on risk and finance management and strategy (from bid through execution and close-out), government compliance, dispute resolution, subcontractor management, forecasting, management reporting, and staff training and development. Though Gena still loved her work, she elected to retire in 2018, feeling ready for some time away. Gena nonetheless began talking with CFC shortly after her retirement. She had previous experience working with CFC on several joint ventures, and — after a year-long break largely spent traveling — Gena was thrilled to accept a role at CFC starting in 2020.

What Gena Values Most About Working at CFC

Gena appreciates that CFC feels and operates like a close-knit family. Despite the challenging environment, everyone’s always willing to jump in to help one another. In particular, she loves being able to serve as a fresh set of eyes for CFC’s project teams. By sharing her perspective and experience, she’s able to help them find the right path forward to delivering projects in the best way possible, on time and on budget.

Beyond Building

Colorado native Gena was born in Leadville, grew up in Northglenn, and has lived in Parker with her family since 1994. Whatever the season, she loves spending time outside. In the winter she skis — Beaver Creek is a particular favorite — and in any other season, she hikes. In her free time, Gena also enjoys cooking, entertaining, and traveling. After taking her first trip to Europe in 2019, visiting awe-inspiring cities like Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Budapest, and Krakow, she’s eager to return.

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